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2023-2024 HANDBOOK


President: Michelle Dam

Vice President:

Secretary: Tina Peeler

Concert/Community Coordinator: Faye Murray

Music Librarian:  Michelle Dam 

Events Coordinator: Tina Peeler 

Treasure/Bookkeeper: Marlene Coulson

Instrument Rentals: Tina Labanowicz

Senior Music Director: Tina Labanowicz 

Junior Music Director: Laila Verduyn



Common courtesy and good manners are expected at all times. This of course applies to spectators at rehearsal as well. It can be difficult to keep orchestra members focused on the conductor and their music if they are distracted by background conversations. Orchestra members please save the use of cell phones for before and after rehearsal. Your instrument is the only technology you need to make beautiful music together. 



Music is very costly and difficult to replace. You must assume the responsibility of looking after it and the folder. Make all markings in pencil. Keep your music in your folder at all times. All music and your folder must be returned at the end of the season.  Please keep a pencil in your folder at all times to mark things as needed.



Rehearsals will be held every Thursday evening at the Hellenic Community Centre, 475 Park Road North, in Brantford.

Junior Orchestra: 6:00 – 6:45

Senior Orchestra: 7:00 - 8:30


1. Arrive 15 minutes before rehearsal, get your instrument tuned, and be in your seat ready to play 2 minutes before the rehearsal starts.

2. Bring your folder and all music each week whether or not you share with a partner.

3. Have a pencil with an eraser at every rehearsal.

4. Use the washroom before orchestra begins as there will be no break during the practice.

5. Please refrain from chewing gum and wearing hats during rehearsals.

6. Please refrain from using cell phones during rehearsal it is very distracting to those around you.


 Black bottoms (skirt or dress pants)

 White blouse/dress shirt with collar

 Black socks/stockings

Black dress shoes

Long black tie if desired



Attendance at rehearsals and concerts is essential if the orchestra is to be successful in achieving and maintaining a high musical standard. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, it is your responsibility to notify the musical director in advance.



T-shirts with our logo will be available at the first rehearsal (and afterwards) for all new members. The t-shirts are $12 for any size and will be worn for the school concerts in April.



The Little String Orchestra is offering a $300 bursary to be used to pay for orchestra dues and instrument rental. Members of the orchestra can apply for the bursary by writing a letter to the Orchestra Committee and submitting this letter by October. The winner of the bursary must have been a member of the orchestra for a full year and will be selected by the committee based on need.


Do you know an individual or business that would possibly give us a charitable donation? Please provide their name and address to the orchestra executive using our contact page.


"Music isn’t just learning notes and playing them, you learn notes to play to the music of your soul."

~Katie Greenwood

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